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  Baum RBT40 (Vario Amica) Link to manufacturer Baum RBT40 - NVDA The Baum RBT40 offers a Serial Port connection. Since only few computer offers this kind of connection, we suppose you are using a Serial to USB Adapter. Be sure to buy an adapter that supports newer version of Windows operating system, both 32bit and 64bit. A tested USB adapter is Profilic PL2303 VID_067B&PID_2303. Download and install these drivers if you are using the same adapter: Download Here. To install the Baum RBT40 display on Windows with NVDA, please follows these instructions: You need to undestand the number of the COM port that is emulated over the USB adapter. Press Windows key and type "devmgmt.msc", press ENTER to open Device Manager. Press TAB once and then arrow down until Ports (COM & LPT) entry. Press arrow right to open the submenu. You should find the name of your USB adapter and the COM number, for example "Profilic USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM5). Take note of that COM...
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