Freedom Scientific Focus Blue

Link to manufacturer official website with description and updates

Focus 40 Braille Display

Focus Blue – NVDA

To install Focus Blue (this is valid for every Freedom Scientific braille display, including the on Black verion with Perkins input key in the bottom of the bar) on Windows with NVDA, please follows these instructions:

  • Download driver package: Download Here
  • Install the FocusBlueDriver package that you will find in the “Download” folder on your computer
  • Connect your Focus Blue device via USB and wait few minutes to allow Windows to configure it.
  • Now NVDA can correctly manage the Focus Blue braille display. Reboot NVDA (or Shutdown and Power ON all the machine if you can’t)
  • Open NVDA menu (Insert+n or CapsLock+n), “Preferences” submenu, “Braille Settings”, and search for “Freedom Scientific Blue” in the dropdown menu called “Braille Display”. Moving down with Tab key you also could set other parameters about the Braille Display. Confirm with OK.

Focus Blue – VoiceOver OSX

Native support on Mac computer with Apple OSX operating system. Just enable the VoiceOver with CMD+F5 when the braille display is attached via USB. Also working via bluetooth adding the device via VoiceOver Utility (VO+F8), under Braille window.

Focus Blue – VoiceOver iOS

Native support on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with Apple iOS operating system. Open “Setting” application on your Apple device: “General”, “Accessibility”, “VoiceOver”, “Braille” and it will be searching for Bluetooth. Found devices will be listed in the bottom of the screen. Double tap on the name of your braille display, that could be for example BT 40.

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