Install Android on HP Stream 7

How to install Android PhoenixOS on HP Stream 7.


  • 8GB free space on your device
  • OTG Cable (microUSB to female USB)
  • USB Key (4GB minimum)

I also suggest to start with a clean installation of Windows 10: read this tutorial.


Android Download

  • From PhoenixOS website download the Exe Installer (For Windows)
    • Currently tested with: PhoenixOSInstaller_v2.6.4.414_x86_x64.exe  (Based on Android 7.1)
  • Copy it on your USB Key


Install Android

  • Attach the USB Key to your HP Stream 7 via OTG Cable and start the Exe Installer
  • Install Android
    • Select a 8GB Partition Size
  • Finalize the installation with the new PhoenixOS icon on your desktop


Boot Android

  • By default Windows will boot
  • Power off the device and press Power+VolDown for a few seconds until you’re on the Bios.
  • F9 for Boot Options -> Select PhoenixOS
  • Wait for the first boot (very long, up to 10 minutes)

4 comments on “Install Android on HP Stream 7”

  1. Stefano Partipilo says:

    Hi, i’ve got installed but the system is very slow… why?

  2. Stefano Partipilo says:

    Hi, i’ve got tried but is slow…

  3. Manuel Avila says:

    I also installed it and noticed that the performance is so low that in fact renders the tablet useless. I believe the issue is that Phoenix”OS” is not really a native OS but an emulator that runs on a virtual machine on top of Windows. Since the Stream does not have hardware emulation capabilities, we are left with a poor mimic of a real Android tab.

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