Nippontelesoft Mini Seika

Link to manufacturer official website with description and updates

Mini Seika Braille Display

Mini Seika – NVDA

To install Mini Seika (also called Braille Luce or Perkins Mini) on Windows with NVDA, please follows these instructions:

  • Attach the Mini Seika to your PC with the USB cable. You don’t need to install an driver since it will be recognized as a human interface device (HID), exaclty like a simple keyboard.
  • Download this compressed folder: Download Here (includes basic input and gestures patch)
  • Go in the “Download” folder on your computer and copy (CTRL+C) the compressed folder
  • Open the “Start Menu” (Windows Key), “All Programs”, search for “NVDA” in the list, inside you will find “Explore the user configuration directory”. Press Enter and you will be inside the personal settings of NVDA.
  • Open the brailleDisplayDrivers folder
  • Paste (CTRL+V) the compressed folder you copied from Download folder
  • Extract the folder using the tool integrated in Windows or 7Zip (that you download here) pressing the “Context Menu” key on your keyboard, “7-Zip” submenu, “Extract Here”.
  • Now NVDA can correctly manage the Mini Seika braille display. Reboot NVDA (or Shutdown and Power ON all the machine if you can’t)
  • Open NVDA menu (Insert+n or CapsLock+n), “Preferences” submenu, “Braille Settings”, and seach “Seika Mini Notetaker” in the dropdown menu called “Braille Display”. Moving down with Tab key you also could set other parameters about the Braille Display. Confirm with OK.

Mini Seika – VoiceOver OSX

Native support on Mac computer with Apple OSX operating system. Just enable the VoiceOver with CMD+F5

Mini Seika – VoiceOver iOS

Native support on iPhone and iPad with Apple iOS operating system. Follow these steps to pair the Mini Seika with iOS:

  • Turn on Mini Seika without the USB cable attached
  • Move with the Joystick in the main menu until you find “Bluetooth mode”, press Key number 8 (the last on on the right in the Perkins input) to enable bluetooth.
  • Open “Setting” application on your Apple device: “General”, “Accessibility”, “VoiceOver”, “Braille” and it will be searching for Bluetooth. Found devices will be listed in the bottom of the screen. Double tap on the name of your braille display: something like “TSM 1095”.
  • Wait few seconds and confirm Bluetooth pairing with PIN code “0000”

Mini Seika – Manuals and User Guide

Mini Seika – Firmware Update

We suggest to update the firmware (the internal software) of the Mini Braille device to improve the usage experience and add new features to it. We don’t are responsabile of damages or data loss on your device.

  • Download V1.030 firmware (February 2015) on your computer (it is called mini V1.030.BIN)
  • Copy this file in an USB Key
  • Disconnect the USB key from the computer and plug in it the USB slot of the Mini Seika (on the left side of the device)
  • Turn on Mini Seika
  • Move with the Joystick in the main menu until you find “Tools Mode”, press Key number 8 (the last on on the right in the Perkins input) to enter, Move again with the joystick to find the “Update” submenu. Press Key number 8 to start the update process that will take about 10 seconds. Wait for “please restart” command output.
  • Shutdown and restart the Mini Seika device
  • After the reboot set your language with Space+l (123a) and move up/down with joystick.

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